Lights Camera Fashion week is five days of Eva’s Heroes participants learning from fashion pros how to put their best foot forward on the catwalk. Skin care and make up, hair sculpting and styling will be taught by students from Milan Institute; shopping, wardrobe building and accessorizing by the very hospitable team at Dillard’s North Star Mall; innovative DJ lessons by the AM Project; and the unwavering and dynamic leadership of San Antonio’s own Michael Quintanilla! Together they will partake in an exciting week of building confidence and individual style, culminating in an amazing fashion show for Eva’s Heroes family and friends.

Participants will show off their new spinning skills at LIGHTS CAMERA FASHIONEva’s Heroes Fashion Show and Luncheon on Friday, June 30. 

Let's Strut!

Eva’s Heroes has a fun donation opportunity that will allow you the high of giving and the pleasure of purging all without spending a dime. For the upcoming LIGHTS CAMERA FASHION Show & Luncheon, we are asking you, our fabulous fashionistas, to go through your accessories and consider donating gently used handbags or jewelry that may have lost their luster for you but may brighten someone else’s closet. All proceeds will benefit individuals with intellectual special needs. …AND you get a little more room in your closet for something NEW! It’s a win/win!

Suggested items: hand bags, tote bags, clutches, wallets, hats, scarves, gloves, umbrellas, reading glasses, belts, and jewelry. Think consignment shop, not garage sale!

Gems, Juice, & Jam . . . Bring your Hidden Gems donations to the Eva’s Heroes office courtyard and meet Marty & Lisa for light breakfast bites on Saturday, June 10 between 10am and noon.

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Help us continue our mission of enriching the lives of individuals with special needs 14 and olderby providing an inclusive setting.

Browse and bid on different items! This auction will be open until the end our our event!

Eva’s Heroes is dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals with intellectual special needs by providing an inclusive setting built on four tenets:

Interact * Grow * Learn * Love

Your generous contribution

is greatly appreciated!

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