Privacy Policy

It is the policy of Eva’s Heroes that information contained in a participants file will be kept in the strictest confidence and protected from misappropriation. Participants case files are kept in cabinets able to be locked or in secure office space at all times.


Information contained in a participant’s file may only be accessed or reviewed by Eva’s Heroes staff involved in providing services to that participant and the Texas Health and Human Services (HHS) employees. No information, particularly identifiable protected health information, will be released to an outside party without the express, written consent of the client or his/her authorized agent.

Access to particpant information stored in computer databases is to be kept password protected at all times. Database information and electronic transmission of participants information for billing purposes is protected from hacking to the extent the agency’s resources allow by network server partitioning and the presence of a highly effective internet firewall. However, it is the responsibility of any employee handling such data to safeguard the information and/or the confidentiality of the transition process at the human level.

Incoming and outgoing faxed or emailed information is to be handled with due diligence in preserving confidentiality. All outgoing faxes and emails must have a confidentiality notice included.

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