Eva’s Heroes Inaugural Lobby Day

One of the greatest gifts of the American democracy is to the right to engage with our elected leaders. On Wednesday, January 25, 2017, Eva Heroes will descend upon the Capitol in Austin to do just that.

Armed with firsthand stories, research, and statistics, we will advocate in support of legislative initiatives that will create communities of inclusion, communities that celebrate disability rights as civil rights and encourage an economy that benefits from the contributions of all members. Further we want to ensure our elected officials understand the benefits of community inclusion from both a financial and a humanitarian perspective.

Autism now affects 1 in 68; cerebral palsy 1 in 323; Down syndrome 1 in 700. It is estimated that 1-3% of Americans have an intellectual disability. The growing numbers of individuals with intellectual disabilities mean that we have more voices to advocate for the type of communities that value all of its citizens.

We will share the experiences of a young man with cerebral palsy who is dependent upon his mom to get help him get out of bed and into his wheelchair each morning. But once he is out of bed, he is working on a college degree, interning at the Capitol in Austin, and working another part-time job.

We believe that as citizen lobbyists we can and will make difference in the lives of those we serve every day.

We want our legislators to understand who we are. Eva’s Heroes is a proven Texas-based not-for-profit that transforms individuals and families and builds community. Founded through the power of one sister’s love for another, we share the experience of teens and young adults through unique programs, education, and real-world socialization in community-based settings. Our record of achievement in growing confidence, self-determination, and independence at low or no cost to those we serve shines brightly as a beacon of leadership and responsibility to create a better future for those with special needs.

We are excited for the opportunity to advocate with and for those we serve every day. We will be sharing more about the successes of our lobby day in the coming weeks.

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